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(no subject)

The wind dropped yesterday afternoon and suddenly, there were all sorts of boats out on the river. We took our kayak out finally and rowed around one of the islands that are offshore here. It was a little windy getting back, but nothing like it's been.

Today, we went out in the kayak again, but the wind was a lot stronger. Stayed close to the shore on the way out, so we were in the lee of the mangrove trees. But coming back was a real exercise for the arms, plus, we had a rain shower. Since the wind was up and the sun was in, it wasn't a nice warm summer shower but a cold winter shower. Still fun though, seeing the Pelicans on the water and the Herons on the Mangrove roots. Saw 3 Man-O-War floating in the river also. 

The afternoon was too windy for boating, so we took a ride to a park on the other side of the river and walked on the fishing jetty, trying not to get blown away.

Here's some of the boats and some of the sights in camp......
Doggies love to go for a ride......
Lots of kayaks hereS
Some inflatables, like us....
Ours, ready to go out, with a Boat-tailed Grackle hitching a ride...
My feet, having a good time in the kayak (along with the rest of me). It's much too difficult to turn around and try to take a picture of Ken, who's behind me.