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There is a looooong boardwalk over the water and marshy areas; making up most of the boardwalk are 350 planks, incised with the names of the 350 Wildlife Refuges in the U.S. and U.S. possessions, from the first in 1903 to the most recent in 2009.
There are quite a few in New York State, but these are 2 of the ones that are closest to where we live.

We walked some of the trails in the refuge, admiring the flowers, planted and unplanted and seeing a few wading birds. Saw some coots also; no otters or snakes this time. A lovely place to stroll.
Here's some happy pics of ours. Ken has been fishing in the river in back of our unit and while the fish have not been gigantic, he's having fun casting and reeling and letting go.
Fishing is a relaxing hobby
Nothing wrong with starting off small........
Bigger, but still not pan-size.....
Tell your bigger brothers where we are!
Weren't you just on this hook?
It's going to take a lot of these to make a fish dinner......
Well, maybe we'll just eat out tonight! ^_~

Yesterday, we went to Pelican Island, the first Wildlife Refuge in the U.S., comissioned by Teddy Roosevelt in 1903. It was early for the White Pelicans, who are the major species on the Island, but there were other things to look at.
A cute sign at the entrance
This rock is a time capsule to be opened in.......
2103. Don't know whats in it, though.
At the start of the boardwalk...

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what great Pics! I think Ken has the fisherman's grin


on the third photo, did Buncle Ken had fished a baby shark ?


Not quite; it's called a Sailfin Catfish. Personally, I'm glad it wasn't a shark, as we put our feet in this water. ^_^

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