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(no subject)

Well, today is still VERY WINDY. In fact, when I walk around the campground, I put rocks in my pockets, so I will not become airborne. The weather station says it will be calmer on the weekend, so maybe we'll get to kayak then. If not, there will be no more chances until we are home with our own Connetquot or Peconic Rivers.

Windy weather makes the fishing no-go also, so Ken is just metal detecting on the beach, hoping to find silver and gold. Yesterday, he found stainless steel in the shape of a pair of pliers. *-*

If we can't get on the water, we might go to a toy and train show on Saturday. Friday, Ken's brother and sister-in-law are driving up here and we will go out for dinner. (Much more eating out and I won't need the rocks in my pockets).

We are here until Tues so I can do a lot of walking.

Today we did laundry (exciting) and we'll grocery shop (also fun).

There is a small island, Scout Island, connected to this camp. I may walk through it again to look at the Indian River from the other side. Can also see the town of Melbourne across the water.

Here's some campground pics.......
Here they decorate their rocks......
their buildings........
and their campers.
The bridge to Scout Island
The view from the bridge of the Indian River, both East.......
....and West.
The view in back of our site. The boat is, unfortunately, not ours.
A Mahogany Tree
The seed pod; about 5" long; when ripe, it turns brown, splits into 6 ovoid pieces and releases 100's of seeds.
Even Mickey enjoys it here!
Our kayak, which hasn't had it's bottom wet in over a year.
This is how they move the picnic tables from one area to another
A self-description on someone's unit!

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hahha The Old Fart! Great photos!

Haven't seen anyone outside that unit yet; maybe old farts stay indoors. ^_~


I am sooooo pleased to read that you like grocery shopping. I hope you'll also venture a little further because shopping is such fun.

And, if you go canoodling with Buncle Ken, I hope you'll paddle across here and come to visit me, like I visited you a year ago. See, auntie, it can be done!!!

Hopeful Niece Maddie XXX

Grocery shopping is not really a "like", it's more of a "need to be done" thing. Since I'm watching what I eat, I don't buy the yummies, just the nutritiousees.

If we get to take our kayak out while we are here, I will send some pics of us paddling across the Pond.

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