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We spent the 16th and 17th in Biloxi, MS. We had some nice weather on the second day, so the beaches began to get some people on them. Just walkers, no swimmers, the water is still cold. Drove to some of the casinos that we still have cards for from some years ago. After Hurricane Katrina, in 2005, when Biloxi was washed away, we didn't come again until 2007. Most of the ruined buildings are gone now; but there are still a lot of walkways and steps leading up to houses that are no longer there. We donated our money at the casinos and visited the Katrina memorial again. Here's some pics.The lighthouse is now in the middle of the road and no longer functions as a light. The Hard Rock guitars by day and night are in front of the Beau Rivage Casino.The steel pylons are all that are left of a huge cement casino, the Presidents Casino, which Katrina washed out to sea.The building with the flag is Boomtown Casino, one of my favorite and one which survived the wave, being in the back bay.The carved trees were done by various sculptors, using the remains of the dead live oaks ravaged by the hurricane. There are carved dead  trees all along the Beach Blvd. The mosaic wall represents the 12' height of the storm surge off the Gulf, which swept everything before it out to sea. The huge live oak inside the fence was one of the trees that survived.


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