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(no subject)

It was cool last night, down to 62. We had to close all our windows at bedtime. After 2 weeks of open windows, I didn't like that too much.

Today, it's very windy (as opposed to last night, when it was VERY WINDY). Ken inflated our kayak, but it's not the best time to use it. If we let the wind take us downriver, we'd have to spend the rest of the day fighting our way back. Maybe this afternoon......

Didn't get to kayak at all last year because of the cold. Couldn't kayak in Savannas because there was no water in the canals. Maybe this afternoon.......

This is a nice camp; right on the Indian River. Our site abuts on the river, with only a few bushes between us and the view. I walk twice around the camp for my exercise, as the walk down the road to the paper store is all enclosed by mangroves and there is nothing to see. In the camp, there are always birds, wading and otherwise.

Ken is out metal detecting (treasure hunting) and I am going to veg out with a cup of coffee and my latest book, the newest Hamish Macbeth mystery. M.C. Beaton turns out one H.M. adventure each year and I look forward to them.

Here's the last of my County Fair pics; tomorrow I'll post ones from this camp.

This is the one I couldn't find yesterday; turns out it was operator error!
Look closely; this is a double-decker carousel!
THIS ride whirls people up and down and all around.(See the little legs hanging out)?
The swing ride is always fun. (Not that I've gone on one in years).
Now this is my speed; we went on the giant Ferris Wheel and saw all the countryside.
Now, this, you wouldn't get me on for any amount of money. The cars go backward and forward around the ring and then.....
......you hang upside down!
This I've ridden and would do again, but Ken is not a rides person. It just swings way back and forth.
The lovely head of the Pharoah Swing.

A tiny but fast Roller Coaster. Reminds me of a tin toy I had when I was little; had a tin swing machine also.

Now I'm going out and sit by the water and watch the birds go by while I read. Ciao.

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Loverly photos! I have heard of such fantastic rides. If I hop up and down really fast a few times, I feel excited and dizzy. I think it must be the same thing two foots feel only less fuzzy.

Love Mr Fritz

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