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(no subject)

Today we moved a little further north to a town called Sebastian. We're in a county park called Long Point. Since we're currently having rain, I'll try to take some pics tomorrow.

It's a good bit cooler, 69 right now instead of 81 this morning. I can deal with that, I don't like it to be too hot.

Here, we hope to use our kayak, as there is always water here. It's a river on a bay and never runs dry.

So here's some more Port St. Lucie county fair pics, until I can get some new ones.

self explanatory
You slide down this on small bits of rug, for speed
Another bear for my collection!
Just like in the western bars
One of the prizes to be won in the games of chance
This was one of 2 copters that were giving rides. It had a bad landing, but no one was hurt. The pilot felt something was wrong and brought it down by autorotating, using the blades to slow the copter. The fair is surrounded by huge empty fields, so he was able to land safely.

I had one more pic I wanted to put on; a plastic cow on wheels, but my laptop insists on replacing that pic with one I already deleted!? *#%+ So I cannot do it. The vagaries of 'puters. *sigh*

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love your post as always!

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