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(no subject)

We went to the Port St. Lucie County Fair yesterday. Today, I want to show everyone the fun collection of custom hay bales that were scattered around the grounds. They were all crafted by children in the 4-H club.

the 4-H club motto

An intro for the 4-H club

He's a SMORE, how cute is that?

Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! Happy nomming, buns!

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wonderful pics! All are so cute but I think I like the bunny and puppy one the best but there there is ....


Hugs, Hare

It was a lot of fun; kids are so inventive. I plan on posting more fair pics tomorrow; this was just a cute category.

Yah, and don't forget that carrot!

It keeps the 4-H kids off the streets. ^_^

We like the puppy, tractor and swine flu pig!

Not the huge bun with the huge carrot?

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