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love to see these wavy guys on the road, so full of hot air. Ignore the movie sign; not my style.

This was constructed on the roadside; he's two-sided. Don't know what he's for, but he's cute
These little doggies have their own version of the Dame-mobile.
I want to thank everybunny for all my birthday greetings! I was so happy to get them!

Had a nice birthday; walked in the park in the morning and shopped in the afternoon. Then we drove down to Boynton Beach to have birthday dinner with Ken's nephew and his family, four really great children and an amazing wife.

Today, we are driving to one of the casinos here (there are about 5) and will do some gambling on the slots and have dinner. Last week I was lucky and went home with $101 more than I came with.

Here's some pics just for fun.......
Went to the Mall to update the laptop; this train rides people around; bell, chug-chug sound and all.

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glad your birthday was a good one. I like the train very much!

Love, Hare

I did; I loved your Gunsmoke card!

Both adults and kids were on that little train. Love, DCK

I like the hay-folk and the dual Dame-Mobile. Una and I could travel together in that but it's still not as good as Erin and Scotty's in France. I like theirs....

Erin and Scotty's is a remarkable bun-mobile.
I think that perhaps dogs are not so particular; as long as they're being wheeled somewhere, they don't care what they're in.

The Hay Bear was quite cute; don't know who built him, but he was nice to see.

A Dame should be seen only in the bestest Dame-Mobile.

Absolutely right; you should always hold out for nothing less than the best.

Hoppy birfday for yesterday Auntie, glad you had a good day.

I had a lovely day, thank you very much. I hope you are feeling better, Bruno. Keep hopping.

Love the big hay-creature!
A bun could nom and nom and nom and nom!
Glad you had a good birthday,
Love Friska (and useless 2-foot.

Thank you Friska (and useless 2-foot). I had a great birthday.

I wonder just how long it would take a team of buns to eat that Hay Bear? It hardly ever rains here, so he would be tasty, I'm sure.

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