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(no subject)

Still really good weather here; I know all you people at  home still being snowed upon hate to hear it.

We rode into Fort Pierce the other day to walk on the jetty. Nice big waves, but the water was very weedy and sandy, not water you'd want to swim in.

Saw some interesting pelicans; I tried to get a pic of them just as they turned their throats inside out, but wasn't quick enough.

Taking lots of healthy walks all around the camp, plus my 1 1/2 mile to get the paper every day.

A sculpture in a roundabout in town
From a different angle
Pelican necks are verrrrrrry flexible!
Up,up and away!
This caravan was here; saw one of them once before some years ago. It has a fascincating website: baldwingypsycaravan.com . Very interesting to look at; lots of pics of the inside of the van and the specs to build it. Give it a look.

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I like that gypsy caravan. Should I buy it, auntie...?

Yes, you would love it. Did you get a chance to look at the website? It's very gorgeous inside, silk hangings and all. Just the thing for a Dame.

What a cool looking caravan! Great pics too.

Hugs, Hare

Isn't that neat? I would love to try traveling in something like that.

Joyeux Anniversaire Auntie Nancy.
continue to take good pictures , we love it!


Thank you, thank you. I am one turn around the sun older and perhaps just a teeny bit wiser. Glad you're enjoying my journal. ^_^

Hoppy Birthday Auntie!

With lotses of love from everybun here and my domestic staff.

Keep enjoying and sharing your travels!

Niece Dame Maddie
and all the Burrow Court residents

I am so happy to be remembered by all of you! We are having a very good time. Did your Mum ever sell her tin tent? I think she would like the gypsy caravan.

Re: Hoppy Birthday!

Mum loves gypsy caravans but says they're not very practical for wild-camping. She still has her tin-tent. It's advertised for sale but it probably won't sell until the spring/summer camping season is here.

I guess that's so; they have all sorts of hook-ups and don't really function on their own. Pretty tho!

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