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We are still in pretty Fort Pierce and still enjoying it. The weather is consistent now; low 80's in the day and low 60's at night. Pretty perfect; the real heat and humidity don't reach here until April.

We took ourselves to the flea market, where Ken bought some nice t-shirts with big fish on them. I didn't really see anything that caught my eye, so I just browsed. After a while, the sun got really hot, so we came back to camp and shade and a fan.

This is maybe one of the driest areas of Florida; not much rain falls and the drought deepens every year. This camp has a lot of sloughs which have been getting drier and drier each year. This year, a lot of the sloughs are almost empty. Surprisingly, there are still a fair number of birds here, though not as many as in years past. No pigs, it's too dry for them.

There's a good book exchange here; when we're traveling, I never need to buy books to read.

Tonight  we're going out to dinner and a show with Ken's brother and sister-in-law. I do love eating out!

The non-violent prisoners from the local jail work here, trimming the trees and cleaning up. They come with their own policeman and are probably glad to get out in the fresh air and out of their cells for a while. Mostly, they seem to be young. (Maybe that's because the work is always physical).In some areas of the South, you can still see the old striped uniforms; though mostly they are orange jumpsuits or vests that say PRISONER on them in large black letters. At home, they should be put to use cleaning up the roadsides.

Cloudy day today, but that makes it easier to do my exercise walking!


A small Santa mug to match the large ones our boys used every December for meals when they were smallAnother Santa for my collection
A cast-iron bunny bank; I bought all these things at the local consignment store
Once, the water reached to the base of the Palm trees
same here
Once upon a time, the water caressed the bottom of this pipe
The view of the bridge; it's like when we saw Hoover Dam last year; the water was down by 100 feet! Imagine the volume of water lost.
Some Ear tree seed pods; one grows here also. The seeds dry up inside and they are like rattles.
Flying ants hatching out in our campsite; when the fly, the air can be filled with them. Ah, Nature!

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such interesting pics! :)

Feel like I've been somewhere

Wish you could travel; in the meantime, I'm glad to take you along with us.^_^

your cast-iron bunny bank is very beautiful,now you juste have to fill it !
Scotty, Erin

It's not too big, so I could probably fill it with dimes or the new cent we have here, with Lincoln on the front and a shield and banner on the back.

I have a small collection of banks, some china,wood and cast iron; 4 of them pigs, a puffin and now the bun.

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