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(no subject)

Well, here we are in sunny Fort Pierce. We'll be here for a few weeks, visiting Ken's brother and sister-in-law. Got a lot of things planned to do with them.

It's finally, once again, nice weather in the day and the night, though we haven't been able to sleep with the windows open yet. I'm hoping! Last year, it was either too cold or too hot to have the windows open. I miss hearing the outdoor sounds. (Although, right now, there is a man using a weed whacker in the site next to ours. I guess I could without hearing that).

Here, I can walk about 1/2 mile every day for the newspaper, so I get my exercise. This camp has a lot of back places to walk also, where sometimes (in wetter times) wading birds and wild pigs can be seen.

I'm going to drive down to a small consignment store later, which is chock-full of stuff to browse through. I can easily pass an hour or so in there.

Here's the remaining pics I took in Lake Placid. Sometime, I would like to go back and see all 44 of the murals.

There were clowns all around the town; there is a clown school there, where people learn to be ...clowns!
This guy and the following woman were a part of the bench; you could sit on their laps

The trash containers were all unique and uniquely decorated
Last but not least, this web held a spider that looks like a crab; I don't remember it's name
Not a good pic, but he's quite small, not as big across as a dime and he was about 10 feet above me.

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The spider is called Brian.

Do you know him personally? Does he have any brothers? I have a few unattached friends who might be interested.

I just thought he looked like a Brian. I have a nose for these things.

If I run into him in the forest again, I will ask him for his name. He was not even the size of your remarkable nose.

these are great! Sounds like a wonderful place! Have fun!

Love. Hare

We are definitely enjoying ourselves. The weather is nicely warm now, with cooler evenings.

We are going to a lot of places with Ken's brother and sister-in-law. We think that next year we will stay here a lot longer, as well as in a few other places. We've seen so much of Florida in the last 13 years that it's time to concentrate on a few areas that have a lot to see and do, instead of bouncing around so much.

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