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(no subject)

Today we arrived on the East Coast of Florida and we have reception! Yaaaay!

This is a pic I wanted to post yesterday for Valentine's Day. I found it on the beach last week.

Isn't it great what you can do with shells!

And here are some of the murals we saw in Lake Placid, Florida.......
There's a big mural like this leading into town
This one was on the building which housed the local paper
A town fair; it showed all the things that happen at fairs.
A depiction of a newspaper photo taken at the World Trade Center, a few days after 9/11
This one was called "Birding". The local Rotary Club planted the garden and erected a small bridge in it.
Lake Placid is the Calladium Capitol of Florida; this is a field of Calladiums.

Now that it's warmer, we are back in shorts again. Still using the electric heater at night, but I have hopes of being able to sleep with the windows open soon.

Tomorrow, I will go antiqueing in a nearby shop. It's a lot of fun to poke around among old bits and pieces.  I know the Dame would understand.  ^_^

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A mural of bunnies would be good...

Alas, there were none. I will mention this oversight to Lake Placid. Maybe next year.

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