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(no subject)

Today is still kind of cool; sweatshirt with sweater weather, electric heater at night.

We drove to a coin show at the local Lions Club, where I found out that the 5 large Chinese coins I bought at a flea market a few weeks ago were counterfeit Chinese coins. Still pretty, though. Then I bought a tiny 1/2 inch gold Mexican coin with Emperor Maximilian on it.

After that, we rode into Sebring proper and browsed all around the craft fair. I bought a new tapestry purse for me and a jar of blueberry jam for Ken. Ken bought me a pair of deep emerald green earrings.

Being the weekend, the campground has really filled up. There are quite a few dogs, some quiet, some not. We walked one of the trails where I got some grapefruit yesterday, but there were none today. Maybe tomorrow.

A lovely fiddlehead fern by some red nameless berries
A Great Egret in the swamp

                                               I love the mirror image!
Like a beautiful crystal sculpture
A path in the swamp
This fellow came into camp and walked around all the sites, knowing there was food somewhere
He was careful not to be seen
A dedicated car salesman
The bun of the day, in the Lake Placid Historical Museum
Part of the street fair in Sebring; it wound through the entire Circle
The Sebring town square (in the circle)
The Black and White Warbler in the swamp
The best shot I could get of the Blue-headed (Solitary) Vireo. Neither the warblers nor the vireos sit still for more than a 1/2 second.

2 loving lizards cuddling in the sun ^_^

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Great pic of the egret! I have to find a coin fair around here someday, I've used up most of my cooler coins for art projects already.

My counterfeit Chinese coins are yours if you want them. They are a little tarnished, but depending on what you're going to do them, it may not matter.

That is one smart looking warbler!

Isn't he gorgeous? It took a lot of patience on my part to get him in the lens long enough to get his picture. The same was true of the Vireo.

I just love seeing birds!

we really love the " miror Great Egret in swamp".
Dad really love the pictures with miror effect.

Erin, Scotty.

Didn't that bird look fabulous? The water in the swamp is so still; I've never gotten such good reflections. Glad you liked them.

awesome pics! Happy Valentine's Day

Happy belated Val-n-tiny's Day to you, too. (We had no reception yesterday).

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