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(no subject)

Today is a much cooler day, sweatshirts required. More coolness coming in for the weekend.

We walked the Catwalk again, but saw no birds. On the Fern Garden walk we did see a very nice Great White Heron.

Found some more windfall grapefruits and oranges, which were delicious. The windfall tangerines, however, were all empty of pulp and juice in their segments, so not good eating.

We rode to the town of Lake Placid, a town full of murals. Walked around and saw about half of them. (There are 44 in all.

Tonight, we're treating ourselves to a dinner at the Outback, courtesy of our son, Brian, who gave us a restaurant card for Christmas.

Today, I am also the victim of a horrible haircut, courtesy of a woman in the beauty shop in the local Wal-Mart. Suffice it to say that I will be wearing a bag on my head for 2-3 weeks. And there will be NO pictures documenting this event!

It being the weekend, many campers have left and many more are coming in. It's fun to see all the different units.

A bromeliad, epiphyte and a member of the pineapple family

Holes probably made by the Pileated Woodpecker, the largest one we have left in N.America

Nothing gets in the way of Nature's growth!

Mamma gator we saw on the tram tour through the back of the park

A pond-weed covered Cooter

The ever-popular Red-Shouldered Hawk

There's a man here from Maine who carves; this is a Saw-Whet Owl, 8", lifesize, that I bought from him

The Owl's back. I think I'll name him WOL.

                                                                      The bunny of the day, found while grocery shopping.

A quote I've always liked, found in the CCC Museum