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(no subject)

Today, we had morning coffee and donuts at a Campers "Meet and Greet" in the recreation hall here. Dunkin' Donuts and some nice conversations.

Then we walked the last of the 9 hiking trails here. On Florida trails, you see a lot of slash pines and saw palmetto; not the most attractive landscape, but all of Florida used to be covered with them, before the days of development.

Next came laundry and food shopping. Chores still exist on vacations, alas.

But later on, there was a Soup Fest. A lot of the park volunteers spent the day cooking up big vats of 12 different kinds of soups. For a dollar, you could buy a bowl and sit with lots of other campers and chat and eat.

I had Vegetable Beef, Beef Barley, Potato and Clam Chowder. All of them were delicious and with the crackers that were served, they made a great dinner. Soup was especially nice because it has been raining for some hours now and will probably rain into the morning. Maybe we'll go to a movie in town.

Got some more pics to post; I always seem to have more than I can post at one time. I guess that's why my camera chip can store almost 8000 pics!

A male Boat-tailed Grackle

White Ibis: he has black tips to his wings, only seen in flightStatue in front of the CCC Museum

One of the CCC men

This is a Scamp. Every year, 40 or so Scampers have a rally here. There units are as cute as a bug!

This is the trunk of a 1000+ year old Live Oak, still putting out some new growth

A squirrel gnawing on a Walnut on one of the trails

The Catwalk through the Swamp, where many birds can be seen

Cypress trees standing in the swamp

The River Otter; he never stayed above water for more that a second at a time

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Wonderful Pics! I specially like the squirrel

Love, Hare

He looked so cute, trying to stuff that hickory nut in his mouth. The nut is about 1 1/2 inches diameter.

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