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(no subject)

We've moved further East and further North in Florida and it is cool again. Back to using the electric heater once more. I am determined to stay in shorts. however. No more cold weather clothes.

This campground is one of many all across the nation that were created and improved by the CCC (Cilvilian Conservation Core) in the 30's. The CCC was created by FDR to employ the millions of unemployed men during the Depression. Without them, many of our parks would not exist today.

There is a museum dedicated to the CCC here, as there is in some other parks. We'll go and look through it tomorrow.

This park has a lot of walking trails, some on elevated boardwalks over the swamps. Lots of Live Oaks and Orange trees and Palm trees. Some of the oaks are over 1000 years of age. The only older trees we've seen were the Bristlecone Pines, which are the oldest living things on the Earth.

I'm surprised and pleased that this park has reception; we came to it by back roads and it was very far from anything, it seemed. So many of Florida's parks are in the back of the beyond. I can even watch my t.v. shows online here, as t.v. reception is not very reliable.

Here's some more pics, from the last camp. Hope you all enjoy.

The water off Sanibel Island; couldn't get much bluer.

Not sure what kind of tree this is; it was planted by someone's permanent home in the camp. It's covered in thorns.

The flowering part of the palm tree that will make the fruits/seeds

the developing seeds; they're orange when they're done

Mamma gator on the side of the road, about 5 feet away

I think she's smiling at me. See the babies heads?

Someone said they counted 11 babies, which is about the right number for a litter

Another campers' Jeep

Many of the parks around the country have now gotten these electric cars for park workers use. Saves on gas and they're very quiet.

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More great pics my friend! Hubby and I dream of traveling the way you guys are doing. Thanks for taking us all along.

17 degrees Ohio... Stay in Fla. :)

Hugs, Deborah

I'm pleased that you can travel with us. We've met quite a few people from the Mid-West and they all are escaping from the cold and the snow.

Hugs back from Nancy

did you try to make a hug on the head of the gator?
we have two turtle with red ear( they are old lady ,25 and 26 years old)

Scotty, Erin.

Noooooooo....no one hugs the head of a wild gator and lives to tell about it.

There are many large turtles here, but you can't get near them, they splash into the water if anyone comes close.

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