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Saturday, we drove down to San Carlos, about an hour away, to spend some time with a couple we met in 2003 on our Alaska trip.

They had bought a used/like new r.v., one of the really big ones, where you have a console like an airpland cockpit with swiveling chairs; one with 3 slide-outs, so that the inside is the size of a normal living room!

If I won the Lottery, that's what I'd do with the money. However, since I don't buy Lottery tickets, that's a moot point.

We drank wine and had chili which Jim had made for Super Bowl Sunday. It was a fun day.

Next day, on Super Bowl Sunday, we drove an hour South to Immokalee to the Seminole/Hard Rock Casino, so we could donate money to keep the Seminoles happy. Had a very tasty lunch in their restaurant, too.

Then we drove further South to Naples, so we could see an exhibition of Grace Slick's (of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship fame) paintings. There were lots of paintings of White Rabbits dressed up mighty fine and also white rabbits appearing in a lot of the other paintings.

One of Jim Morrison which was superb and one large one of Woodstock with a lot of famous people in it (not all of whom were alive during Woodstock).
One of many famous rock and roll people, very well done. Grace  is a fine portraitist.

I would have loved to buy one of the white rabbits, but I didn't have 3-5 thousand to spare. Actually, one of the paintings with Alice and the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit had Paul McCartney and John Lennon as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Wouldn't our Sue have loved that! (That one was $18,000).

It being a gallery, I couldn't take pictures, but Grace's art is online if you look up Grace Slick. She's not bad for a person who survived the drink and drugs of rock and roll.

It's raining tonight; we're midway between the West coast and the East coast, in Sebring. We'll be here for a week so I'm glad we have reception.

Here's more Sanibel Island pics......

Saw this on the way to the Ding Darling Preserve; I wonder if Peter Rabbit is at home?

A Royal Tern on the beach

A fun sign

This was a unique sign for me

This Cattle Egret stayed with this car as the owners rode from one viewing area to another. Why walk when you can ride?

Take me for a ride in your car, car.....

A female breeding anhinga

A Yellow-Crowned Night Heron drying his wings in a Mangrove Tree

A Little Blue Heron canopy feeding

A Softshell Turtle peeking out of the water

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Florida being surrounded by water on 3 sides, there are wading birds everywhere!

Looks good. Never seen a cattle egret behaving like that!

Every now and then a bird does strange things. Did you ever see a cardinal attacking his reflection in a car mirror? During mating season, some people cover their car mirrors so the cardinals will not hurt themselves.

No, but then again I have never seen a Cardinal. Our Robins behave in a similar way and this am we had 2 blackbirds beating each other up on the lawn for 10 minutes as they squabled over breeding territory. Spring is in the air (somewhat tentatively - hope the snow stays away).

Birds (and I guess all animals) do get very territorial when it comes to breeding rights.

I hope that Spring is really coming your way. It's Spring down here, but another cold front is coming in for the weekend, which will keep temps in the low 60's. But, no snow!

Up until 2009 we were having really mild winters - bumblebees sometimes flying all through the winter, and frogs spawning at the end of January. Our last 2 winters have been a bit of a shock, though nothing like what you get in New York. However the birds are starting to build nests, the first spring bulbs are in flower, and I am working on my last winter report before the spring field survey season starts. Could do with just a little more cold weather to get it finished!

I'm glad Spring is in your backyard; if you really need it, I could try to send some cooler weather your way. We have some today and will be having some more on the weekend.

Do you work with birding as a living?

No, birds are more for fun. I work in an ecological consultancy - we do indepenent ecological surveys when developers are putting plans together, help with licenses to avoid harm for protected species, and monitoring work on nature reserves. I tend to do most of my work on amphibians with with some botanical and invertebrate surveys.

Sounds fascinating; you have a very important job indeed.

That "blue" heron is about as blue as tarquin and Tylda. Is there something wrong with my eyes?

No, they are a dark slate blue; on a day without sun shining on them, that's how they look.

All the animals and birds are truly awesome, aren't they?

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