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(no subject)

This campground is a very nice one, with lots of things going on for the campers. As well as r.v.s, there are permanent homes here (converted double-wide trailers). We walk all around the many streets for exercise.

Saturday, we rode to Sanibel Island and Captive Island, two lovely islands connected by a short bridge. The beaches are nice, soft, tiny sand grains that love your feet. The water is a lovely turquoise, almost like the Florida Keys.

There is a lot to see and do in this area, so we are thinking that we will spend an entire month here next year. We have never stayed as long as that in any place in our 13 years of rving. The couple next to our site, from Pennsylvania, were great people and they are planning to ask for the same sight next year also, so we will have friends here.

It's Super Bowl Sunday (not that I, myself, c

Our resident alligator

Our resident lizard

The beach on Sanibel Island; I love the color of the water

A Snowy Egret, with his golden slippers; the backs of his legs are gold also

The Sanibel Island lighthouse

A Brown Pelican

The bridge to Sanibel from the mainland

A facetious little sign at the visitors center on Sanibel

Two views of a Buddha in front of a club; I think it was once a Chinese restaurant

Outdoor sculpture at the Edison Art Institute

Well, tomorrow we move cross-state to another park. Whether or not there will be reception, I do not know. Till then.......
are) and a lot of the campers are in the clubhouse watching the game on the Biiiiiiiig screen t.v. When someone scores, I can hear the roar from here.

More pics; thanks again to Freddie Lop for the White Spoonbill pic. ^_^

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aw sun and beaches, water tha tisn't frozen! Bliss!

I sympathize; at home it is very cold also, with lots of snow still standing all around. If I could send you some warm weather, I would.^_^

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