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(no subject)

Today is a really hot day, 84 degrees outside. Last night, we slept with all the windows open for the first time.

The ibis are out on the banks of the pool here in camp, and the turtles are sunning themselves.

Later this afternoon, we're going out to dinner with my old boss and her friend.

This place, Raintree RV Resort, is very large. There are quite a few permanent homes (converted doublewides) here and many people in rvs, like us, stay for months at a time.

I can only take just so much sitting in the sun before I start to boil, so that's why I'm indoors now, typing.

Here's the rest of my pics from Myakka.
One of the traps that are used to catch the wild pigs
A Black Vulture drying out his wings
Kayaking on the Myakka River
One campers decoration
A Hooded Merganser in back of my cousin's home in Sarasota
A Red-shouldered Hawk
Same felllow, different tree
An Osprey nn the Powerline walk
The door to the museum/exhibits in Myakka
A yellow-rumped Warbler at the birdwatch pavilion

Same fellow, flying away

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Love the hawk. Black vultures are much much bigger in Europe though - almost condor size (but not quite)- thriving in the home of the Conquistadors. http://www.arkive.org/european-black-vulture/aegypius-monachus/image-G51421.html#text=References

That cage might be big enough for Bruno!

I know Bruno is a big bun, but hopefully, not that big yet!

We have condors in the Grand Canyon, brought back from the brink of extinction some years ago. We were privileged enough to see some close at hand about 5 years ago. They are magnificent birds.

There are Turkey Vultures at home in our neighborhood, though they're not often seen. The Black Vultures I've only seen in Florida. They are across the Southern sweep of the country, however and into Central America.

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