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(no subject)

(with a flight of Willets in the background)
Oops!  Some white Pelicans snuck in!

We drove to Sanibel Island in Ft. Myers today, to drive through the J.N."Ding" Darling Preserve. Ding Darling was a preservationist and conservationist who was instrumental in formulating many of the conservation laws of today. He was a very interesting man; there are books about him and his work with Teddy Roosevelt in conservation.

There were a nice assortment of birds there, but todays' lesson is all about........SPOONBILLS!
(Can you tell I think they're the most beautiful bird in the world)?

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I thought our white spoonbills were good, but those are magnificent.

These are the Roseate Spoonbills. I did not know there were white ones; my bird book is for N.America only. Do you have any pics of the white ones?

How lovely! That is a really unique bird. Thanx!

My Una says she likes the pink colour of those tweets.

They are the most fabulous color; I think that shade of pink would suit you very well, Dame.

Magnificent plummage!! :)

I think they are the most beautiful birds I've ever seen. The deep pink means they are breeding adults; younger ones are paler.

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