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We went futher south the other day, to Myakka River State Park. It's got lots of nice trials and birds. Could only get a site for 3 days this year. All the state parks are starting to fill up earlier and earlier, to the point where as you are leaving, you must make reservations for next year if you hope to get in.

We had another indoor water leak, this one from a cracked pipe which led to an outdoor, hand-held shower head. Ken made a trip to Home Depot and spent one evening and one morning sawing off the pipe and capping it. Let's hope nothing else falls apart on the old girl. She is, after all, entering her 13th year and has passed her 100,000 mile mark.

Where we are now is very warm (80's in the day) and I think the danger of cold is gone. I have packed away all the winter clothes and substituted the summer ones. Now the laundry will get done a whole lot quicker!

We visited my last living cousin in Sarasota and spent yesterday with my old boss from the school kitchen. Friday we'll hang out with my boss again, then Saturday we'll visit a couple we met on our Alaska trip.

Ken's off getting the car washed clean of the road dirt and getting the Florida sand and shell vacuumed out.

Here's some more photos!

The rabbit (stuffed) that the Greyhounds chase at the racetrack
A nice collection of carved birds at a campsite in Myakka
And more birds!
An ultralight that flew over Myakka
One of the many Myakka gators
A mating pair of Limpkins on the Myakka River
The Canopy Walk in Myakka
Ken on the Canopy Walk bridge
The view from the top
A View From the Bridge

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we do not travel now, but when we will leave, we'll probably have failures , our terrier-car is 17 years old.


Rub it down all over with a soft cloth and give it lots of encouragment. Cars need lots of loving care.

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