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(no subject)

This is in Bradenton, FL

An unusually formed Palm tree.

This whole Spanish Point area in Bradenton/Sarasota belonged to Mrs. Potter Palmer of Palmer House, Chicago fame. He made tons of money and in 1902, was worth 8 million $ ! The Palmers, at one time, owned 1/4 of Sarasota.

The sunken garden.

Little Sarasota Bay

Mrs. Palmers' guest house

Inside same

Osprey with fish on the grounds

A perfectly still pond on the jungle walk on the grounds

Ken by a small tunnel leading under the viaduct to the jungle walk

An ear tree on the grounds

A huge staghorn fern hung from the ear tree
The pods of the ear tree (hence the name)

A window in the public chapel on the grounds

The history of the chapel

And the chapel itself
Well, we spent 3 days in Myakka State Park, where, as I thought, there was no reception. It's way off the beaten path. A lovely huge park, but a very crowded campground. There are nice trails and a lot of birds; there's a special birdwalk that goes out over the water. Usually, there will be a volunteer there with a scope and he will find the really interesting birds for people to look at.

The wild pig population is way down; they trapped 1500 of them in this park last year. There are big traps sitting around in the woods, baited with corn.

We were sorry to only be able to stay for a short time, usually we're there for about a week or more. This time, the park was very crowded. All the Floridians say that they have never seen so many snowbirds before.

In the strange but true department: Last April, in Las Vegas, I lost the battery recharger to my camera, which necessitated my buying a new camera.

Yesterday, 10 months later, as I was in the car, helping to unhook it from tow, I felt something odd next to the seatbelt. There was the charger! It's not as if we didn't search all through the car last year, looking for it. All I can figure is that it fell behind the seat belt installation and went down so that we couldn't see it. Now, driving on the roads, which can be like driving over paving stones (or so it feels) the bouncing and bumping must have brought it to light.

Now I will try to sell it on e-bay; I don't need 2 cameras. Weird!

It is really nice now, 77 degrees today. We are 2 hours further South from Myakka and I think we've turned a corner, weather-wise. Our site is facing a pond, with ibis and gators and turtles. We'll be here for a week, seeing some old friends. Back in shorts again! (Sorry, New Yorkers, don't mean to rub it in).

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It looks so bright and summery there, Auntie....

It's definitely Summer, it's 82 degrees out today. We are as far south in Florida as we are going. We're on the West coast now; next we'll travel across to the East coast.

Hope you are having some Springy weather where you are. XXXOOO

Good bird table (stick!).

Since we go to Florida every winter, it's hard to find new bird species. But last year I was lucky enough to see the male Painted Bunting for the first time; this year it was the Ruddy Turnstone. I do love the birds.

as always, very nice trip's pictures.
Dad loves "The specially Perfectly Still pond in the jungle" and " Osprey with his fish".
this is the real wild life,isn't it!
The pods of the ear tree ....is this means that there's many bad kids in Floride ? I have hear in a story that when kids are not quiet bad 2foots cut their ear !!
I still have my ears ,so I think:
I'm not bad (no more)
I'm not a kid (I'm a Bun)
I'm quiet (not really)
...and my 2foots are not so bad too,aren't they?


Thanks, I'm glad you like my pics.

Nooo, we don't cut off the ears of bad children, we might box them, though.

I'm sure you are both exemplary buns and your 2-foots seem to be nice also. ^_^

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