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(no subject)

We're getting some nice warm hours in the middle of the day and slighly less cool nights. No shorts yet, though. I hold out the hope that I'll soon be able to wear my sandels instead of sneakers.

Today, we drove to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, about an hour from here. We went to meet old friends who used to live in New York and now live in Florida. Ken and Mike worked together in Manhattan for many years.

We spent a nice day, gambling some (no, I didn't win) and having a nice lunch together in one of the restaurants.

Once the sun starts to set, it cools down rapidly and we shut all the windows and the door. I'm really looking forward to having the windows open all the time, night and day. Soon.....

Here are more pics from the South Florida Museum; it was a lot like the Natural History Museum in Manhattan.

Ken in front of a prehistoric shark jaw
Statue of De Soto in the Spanish Plaza
Stained glass window in the little chapel
and another
Candleholders in the chapel
There was a display of old toys; these two are called "Sunday Toys" because children in the 1800's were only allowed to play with certain toys on Sundays.
Another Sunday toy.
A very old (partly rebuilt) pier on Anna Maria Island
Yellow-rumped Warbler in camp; they are very numerous here.
A Red-tailed Hawk in camp
Trucks full of oranges ride all over Florida's roads; often, on turns in the roads, the oranges will spill out and be caught against the curbs.

Well, that's it until tomorrow, or untill the next time I have reception. Have fun, everyone!

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"Sandals instead of sneakers"???

And here I am looking forwards to shoveling the 12" of snow out of the part of my driveway I haven't cleared yet. And more snow on the way Tuesday... X_x

Next year, you must save all your vacation time and stow away with us. Should I mention that it was 77 in N. Fort Myers today?

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