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(no subject)

It's nice in the day (60's) but still dropping to the low 40's at night, so we're still using our electric heater.

But there is sun and sooner or later, we will be in shorts.

After Saturday, we'll be in Myakka River State Park. I don't know if we'll have any reception there, as it's kind of off the beaten path. I'll post if I can.

I'm getting seriously behind in the pics I want to post. Here are some from the De Soto National Monument in Bradenton and some from the South Florida Aquarium. I always seem to take so many pics and I want to share them all.

Saw the pics of the latest snow in New York and they were gorgeous! Probably not viewed in the same way by the people who're shoveling it, though. ^_~
The entrance gate
Recreations are done here, and artifacts are shown.
Target practice dummies
Weapons for the target practice.
Commemmoration of De Soto's travels in Florida.
Some of the oldest and biggest Gumbo Limbo trees around.
There were life-size cutouts of the Conquistadores along the nature trail.
Another happy conqueror.
The De Soto monument.
The stylus, up close.
The other side
A commemmorative cross at the area.
De Soto brought 40 pigs with him in his ships. 2 years later, he had 700, as they have multiple litters of 13 or so each year. When the Spanish left, they left many pigs behind and Florida has been plagued with wild pigs since then. As well as being in all the parks, I've even seen them on the side of the road. As many as can be trapped are trapped and made into sausage, primarily for Germany. The pigs root and do a tremendous amount of damage to the landscape.
A manatee in the aquariam; an endangered species in Florida. This one is 62 years old. In the wild, they live about 8 years. They have no natural enemies, as they are vegetarians and extremely large. They just swim away.
Manatee being fed lettuce

Last but not least, a small chameleon outside the museum.^_^

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Ooooh, I like the look of those huts. Very yummy!

I don't know about yummy; the thatch is pretty old and dried out. I think you'd have to be really hungry to eat them.

Thanks for the pics. It's wonderful that you get to travel like that, from country to country. When my brother lived in England, he and his wife were able to go all around to the different countries.

Wonderful Pics! Have fun!

We will and we are; thanks. It's getting warmer day by day.

Lovely pics Auntie. Those manatee are fabulous!!

They are quite huge; called sea cows,because they graze on the bottom of the water. In Florida in the winter, they congregate around the power plants, where the ejected water is warm. They can actually be trained to roll over, when they are in captivity. Their main threat is the cold water in winter and the propellers of power boats.

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