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Our rainstorm last night progressed into a tornado watch, which means "watch out" to a tornado warning, which means "the tornado is on your doorstep". Having gone through 3 previous tornado watches and warnings, when the radio announcer said that if shelter was nearby, it might be a good idea to go to it, we repaired to the campsite bathhouse. It had nice walls of tile with more interior walls of tile and a lovely strong bench to shelter under, if neccessary.

We stayed there for an hour, listening to our weather radio. When the warning was lifted we went back to our home. I REALLY hope that this is the last time we have the pleasure of this.

3 tornadoes touched down north of us on open land, not doing damage. Whew!

We had over 4 inches of rain, but today, it has all drained into the sand and it's in the mid-60's with sun.

Here's some more of my travel pics to hopefully be enjoyed.
Rainbow Springs, near Ocala. The water bubbles up from underground in what are called "boils". It maintains a constant temp of 72 degrees.
The water is very clear and a magnificent color in the Springs.
The Springs are all old swimming areas; very popular in the 30's.
The white sand of the boils give the water it's blue color.
The blue knocks your eye out!
A fountain in front of the South Florida Museum in Bradenton, FL.  Love the spears!
The entire fountain, looking away from the museum.
A mosaic horse outside the entrance.
A fountain in the courtyard
The armadillo; known in Texas as "chicken on the half shell".
A big inflatable cowboy boot! I love the oddities I come across.
Lake Manatee, which we are camped by, in Bradenton.
Ground dove in camp, a very small 5" dove.
A very happy camp frog.
The back of a truck full of Oreos!
Not a great shot, but it's the same truck with a glass of milk and an Oreo.

Have to go and cook dinner now. Later I will watch a PBS show online; "Downton Abbey". Till tomorrow.

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I love your pictures because you photograph things that others would just pass by.
You may enjoy Downton Abbey. We didn't watch it, but it got good reviews.

Thanks,it's the odd-ball things that make the best pics.

I am enjoying D.Abbey. I watched episode 3 before 2; watched 2 last night and tonight I'll watch 3 again to get them in order. I've always liked Maggie Smith.

There is a scene in episode 3 that was lifted straight out of the movie "Mrs. Miniver".

The series ends this Sun. I don't think we'll have any reception where we're going on Sat, so I'll probably watch it next week.

I enjoyed these pics too, especially the water shots.

I assume the fuel prices are per gallon not per litre?! (Currently just over £6/gallon here but prices increasing daily.)

Thanks. The water here can have some spectacular shading. Down in the Keys, it has purple overtones.

Yes, the prices are per gallon. As Summer and vacation times creep closer, the prices will creep (or maybe leap) upward. Same old, same old!

That's less than half the price we pay. I'm in the wrong country....!

If you ever feel like emigrating, Long Island is very nice to live on.

5" doves? I thought everything was bigger in the States, or is that just Texas?

That's the smallest dove, probably because it does spend a lot of time on the ground, so it hides more easily.

On that basis my Brother bruno is probably a Texan!

I've heard tell that Bruno is a large, full-bodied bun. All the lops are of a good size. Makes our buns look really small. But lops are gorgeous.

Not all French Lops are big. I'm small, at 5 kilos. My mother is scornful about my size - I think I bring shame on the family. Granny K thinks I was not fed properly as a youngster. Pah! Bruno is more than 7 kilos!

I still love you, son. A mother always loves her son.

I think Granny K loves you too, regardless of your size.


huh! Sure I could find some choice quotes if I tried...

Perhaps you could convince your 2-foot to feed you more often, with larger portions. Do buns like ice cream? That's a definite weight-putter-oner.

we have "Oreo" in some super market,
but we have never tasted!


Lovely chocolate biscuits with cream filling. Very tasty, gets your fingers all chocolate-crumby and adds inches to your waist!

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