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(no subject)

Hello again!

We were in the back of the beyond in FL for 4 days and had no reception for the computer. Welcome to "The Real Florida".

Last night, it was 26 degrees outside and 54 inside, even with 2 heaters going!

Today, we are 3 hours further South and it is a bit warmer; only went down to 40 last night.

While we're here, we plan on seeing a cousin of mine, some friends Ken worked with years ago and a few casinos!

These pics today were taken while driving through North Carolina. South Of The Border is a campground/fun area just over the border in South Carolina. We stayed there some years ago. Once upon a time, there were about 80-90 billboards on the approach to SOTB, not unlike the Burma-Shave signs of yesteryear.

Today, there are only about 10; the cost of maintainance must be high. There are some new ones, however, which show that SOTB now has an online site. Here are a few of the ones I was able to snap from the car.

The actual SOTB. It's fairly large. this is just a small piece of it.

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Funny, I don't recall that we ever went to South of the Border, but I remember when we were kids and we went on vacation you'd see the bumper stickers everywhere.

It was probably the first time we ever went, when we drove down; the marathon drive which I would never want to replicate. SOTB is full of kitschy things that no sane person would want to buy.

Hi Kitty! Thanks for taking all us snow bound folks on vacation with you. Love all the pic posts! Have fun!

Hugs, Hare

Thanx; I'm going to try to keep up with my journal every day. It's 70's here today, but we're expecting rain tonight, so I'll have free time to be online.

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