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Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland

A monument in Baltimore, MD, seen from the FSK Bridge; I don't know what it is. ^_^
First night, in Ashland, Virginia. Not too many people camping!
Well, we are traveling again; left yesterday and it has not been a great first day.

It looked as though my car, which we tow, had a coming flat, but a trip to the mechanic showed that it was just the cold air deflating it a bit.

Then, when we stopped for the day, the hot water heater proved to have some sort of blockage, resulting in the hot water spilling out of the intake onto the ground, leaving us with the super-cold water to wash with. BRRR!

Then, today, we noticed that the carpet was wet, caused by a water leakage from the hot water tank. One of the pipes may have a crack, caused by the cold or the horrendous jolting as we drive (the infrastructure is truly crumbling, as we keep hearing), or a combo of both.

So, now that we are in our second campsite, my honey is off to Home Depot to try and buy leak-stopping parts. If he cannot fix it, we will be like Eskimos for a while, washing with the snow.

To think, we left home to get AWAY from the cold!

It's still cold outside, with leftover snow on the ground and we have to unhook our connections at night, to prevent freezing in all the pipes. Still, we're getting closer to Florida and warmer climes. (I hope).

Here's some pics from our first day.
Early morning sunrise from the Throgs Neck Bridge
One of our more exotic trees, the Cellphonetower Fir Tree



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Thanx; hopefully, there will be more to come. ^_^

Hopefully by now all your problems are solved and you have lots of hot water. Weather in our area isn't great, but at least it isn't the ice in the NE.

Mary, is that you? The Mary we saw last Spring?

We do have hot water now; my hubby spent all night fixing the problem. Now we are in a campground that is sunny and warmer; 55 outside right now.

Is this your new online address? Let me know, so I'm sure who I'm talking to. ^_^

very beautiful pictures.
as we can not be able to travel with Iroise, your pictures allows us to visit your big country.
thank you.


You're welcome. I love to see pictures from other countries, also. Armchair traveling at its best. ^_~

Hope the mechanical glitches get better!

Yes, after fixing the leak and weathering 26 degrees outside last night (54 inside) we do have reception here!

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