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(no subject)

Some years ago, when I was in a creative mood (and still an at-home mom) I made sillohuettes of my boys, when they were all roughly 4-5 years old. Then, many years later, I did one of our grandson. Here's how everyone used to look.Mr. AndyMr. KevinMr. BrianMr. DanMr. Louis

There you have it, my Wall of Heroes.

By the way, it's been going down to the single digits here at night and not much better in the day. Is it Summer yet?

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How wonderful!!!!! Thanks for sharing. HUGS

So glad you liked them! Hugs back!

your silhouettes are a success,it is very pretty.
some years ago Mum thought to do the silhouette of Mum and Dad, but she did not, maybe later...
Mum always full of plans, but did not have time to do everything...


Thank you; it was a way to remember exactly how the boys looked.

I think your Mum does really well with her time, with all the videos and posts and taking care of her buns.

Dad is very involved in, because Mum does not speak and does not write in Bun-english,Mum written the texts in Bun-french, then Dad translate , and he help us on the pooter.Mum has difficulty with new technology.


Well, it turns out wonderfully anyway. Apart from a few verb tenses, you can't tell that Mum is bun-English challenged. ^_^

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