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(no subject)

We had our snowfall, about 1 foot. Ken has dug us out once again. Now, if we can just have no more snow for a while......

This is for Dame Maddie. It's my small collection of bunnies. There are not too many, but, except for the stuffy one, they are all hand-made.

Here's our latest snow. It was so unmarked, it looked like icing on a cake.The cars and KenCould be a Christmas card!One of our chairsA playhouseAnother hawk, unfortunately, sitting on a sparrow

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Thanx. I wish he didn't take my birds now and then, but they have to eat too. Never used to see so many as I've seen this winter.

Mum has a collection of stuffed rabbits, and a collection of figurines of characters from Beatrix Potter.
as usual very beautiful pictures, the photo of the playhouse looks like a gingerbread house covered by meringue (Mum is really greedy, she always think about food).


I'm glad you like my photos. Soon there will be some from our up-coming trip.

The playhouse does look like it's made of cookies; it belongs to our neighbors' 3 year old daughter. (I, too, tend to think of food a lot; that's why I'm always on a diet).

When I was a small girl, I had no playhouse, but I used to hang a blanket over a line in our backyard and pretend I was Davy Crockett. Had the coonskin cap and all.

Your Mum's Beatrix Potter collection must be pretty; the books always had such lovely illustrations. Post some pics of your collections. ^_^

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