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(no subject)

Well, here we are awaiting another snowstorm. This one is supposed to bring 14+ inches. We just finished digging the ice and snow out of the driveway from the last 2 storms!

It's only Jan and I'm already feeling we've had enough of Winter. *sigh*

Here is my small collection of bears; bears love snow. Maybe I should have been a bear.

This is my Alaskan bear, bought in Teslin, AK

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I have a bare behind (except for the fur of course).

Can you catch a fish with your claws?

No, but I can catch a cold with my nose.

what's a beautiful collection, Mum said that the newfoundland looks like brown bear.


There's something about bears that is very attractive; I look for unusual ones.

Errrr..... where are the bunnies???

I will put a picture of my buns on my next entry.^_^

Should've left for Florida early!

If it wasn't for wanting to be with all of you on the holidays, we might consider leaving before Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful collection! :)

Thanks, I try not to buy too much any more, but then I see a really nice bear or Santa.....

Don't worry Auntie, we are already beginning to see more daylight.

Soon be summer again.

That's true, ever since Dec 22, we've been inching towards Spring and Summer. (We only got about a foot of snow this time).

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