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(no subject)
Here's our latest snowstorm, which clung to everything and looked absolutely gorgeous!

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Our snow has all gonned away, auntie. Mummy misses it.

I'm looking furward to the spring and feeling fresh grass between my toeses.

Spring seems a long way away; we might get more snow Tues and Wed.

The snow's all gone from the trees but still on the ground. It was magical while it lasted.


I am so sorry - I furgot to fank yoo fur yor Chris-Moose card that arrived yesterday. Fank yoo, auntie.

Grateful Dame Maddie Bun CBE

You're welcome. That took a long time to arrive.

There were lots of postal delays here, auntie, due to the snow. A little light dusting and life temporarily stops on this side of the pond.

We here need a heavy dusting and we're about to get one!

very beautiful pictures,we love it very much.
do you think we will be able to come and see you ,if we can walking on the great pond frost ???

I would love for you to come and see me, but if the great pond ever freezes over, we are all in a world of trouble!

Beautiful snow Pictures@@

Thanx. It's not often that the snow coats everything so beautifully.

Some years ago, we were in Williamsburg, Virginia after an ice storm. EVERYTHING was sealed in a coat of ice. I could peel away a plant leaf and be left with a clear ice replica.

The next day as the ice melted, the air was filled with the sound of tinkling chimes.

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