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(no subject)

Here's my favorite of the many paintings I own done by Mr. Andy. It speaks to me of a tranquil soul keeping it's peacefulness protected even though the world around it may be turbulent and seething.

Cedric has inspired me to look through my old photos and find some childhood pics to post. Tomorrow.

I want to wish Erin a very very hoppy birthday, and also the same to Brunobunni, who has a birthday coming soon. Hoppy Birthday, Bruno.

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Cedric is a good inspirer!

It inspired me to think of a sea of carrots with pea pods on top.

That's a colorful image and tasty, too. Snow pea pods? (The best).

Liking the picture Auntie and thank you fur my birfday wishes.

Bruno xxx

You are most welcome; when is the actual day?

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