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(no subject)

Well, Christmas is over, New Year is over and the house is finally back to order. All the decorations have been packed away in the upstairs closet for another year.

The last of the goodies have been eaten and once again, the resolution to lose some pounds has been made. If I don't buy it in the store, it won't be in the house to eat. That's the theory, anyway.

Our grandson got a cell phone for Christmas, so I've learned how to text. Only our phone is older and does not have a keyboard, which makes texting slower than it should be. So we will be going to the phone store to purchase a newer model. Then I can text everybody!

Along with the decorations and the goodies, our snow is disappearing with the warmer temps. Here's some pics of snow converting to fog.

Now that we've had 1-1-11, we'll have to look forward to  11-11-11.  Play your lucky numbers on those days!

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None of the burrow roofs are snowy! Do you have loft insulation, auntie??!!

Yes, it simply melted off before I took my pics. Plus, the extremely high winds cleaned a lot of snow off of things. All we lost was one piece of siding off the roof peak. Many 1000's of homes lost their electricity. Trees were uprooted and garbage cans blew all over.

Great pics! I need to take more

Yes, it's always a treat to see a new entry of yours in your journal.

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