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(no subject)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Chrismas!

We got our White Christmas on the 26th and it proceeded to snow all day and into the next morning. Cars were snowed in; stores were closed and our phone was powerless for 3 days and, by extension, so was our computer.

Luckily, everyone got to do their traveling before the snow came. We stayed in (and shoveled out) for 2 days. Then we took our grandson to the movies to see "Harry Potter" and then out to lunch at a local rib place, using one of our Christmas gift cards at the restaurant.

Here's some Christmas Day pics.

Our daughter-in-laws homebaked cookies. Yum!

Patty, the baker

Grandpa and Louis

Mr. AndyLOUIS!Mr. Dan and PattyMr. Brian

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Mr Andy and Dan look alike - were they bought together as bruvvers, Auntie?

Yes, we liked the first model so much, we used it again for the fourth model.

Mr.Brian looks like my side of the family; Mr. Kevin, who was not there on Christmas Day, looks like only himself.

Did you not order any does, Auntie? I liked Einstein but I prefur girls. I find they're betterer at shopping.

After Mr. Andy, I specifically ordered a doe each of the other 3 times, but someone wasn't listening!

For Mr. Dan, since all my buns were caeserean born, and I knew the date of his birth in advance, I filled out the birth announcements before I entered hospital, leaving only his weight and height blank. I just knew that there were no does in my future. ^_~

Looks like you had a pawsome Chris-Moose Auntie!

so wonderful to see all the happy folks! All the best for the new year!

We did have a good time; I hope you and your hubby and buns are looking forward to the new year.

you seem to have had a good Christmas day.
cookies from your daughter-in-laws seem to be good, yum!

Scotty, Erin.

Our Patty (and her Mom) make some of the best holiday cookies ever. The cookies didn't last too long.

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