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(no subject)

Our neighbors across the street have decorated their front lawn with a Christmas stove. I expect they will trim it with lights in a day or so.

Maybe it could double as a fireplace?

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Don't be ridiculous. They are obviously planning a barbeque for Chris-Moose lunch.

Hopefully, they're not going to bbq the ChrisMoose himself!

We see some similar ornaments around here - cookers, fridges, freeeeeezers, sofas.... Mum says it's because it's so expensive to get rid of such items and the Council makes such high charges for collecting them fur disposal so a lot tend to get dumped. One year mum watched a tall fridge-freeeeeeer floating away down the river...

Municipal dump here are free but we see objects used on roadsides or in the countryside.
Stewpid 2foots !


There are always stewpid 2-foots who will dump their garbage any where; lazy buggers. We have that problem here, as well.

Here it is free, you only need to put your item out by the end of your driveway on the right day.

And, anyway, if it were out by the curb, someone would come along and take it, for the scrap metal.

Must have been something to see a fridge floating down the river!

Here it's expensive to get rid of rubbish. To go to the dump, mummy needs to apply fur a permit and there's a high charge for getting rid of old appliances - this is why so much rubbish gets dumped.

Here a lot of metal things (any things) will be picked up by people who ride around just looking for metal which they can re-sell.

A permit; wow. What is the money collected in fees used for?

The Council Pension shortfall, mum says....

Pensions are becoming a dirty word in this country these days.

Same here. I don't have a pension, auntie. Should I buy one??

I don't know if you can; they're becoming scarcer than hen's teeth; they seem to evaporate somehow. (Unless you're in the position of CEO or a school administrator or in the top 1% of the population, money-wise.

Invest in hay and pellets, buns will always need them.

Thank you fur your Chris-Moose card Auntie, nice purdy cat.

Maybe they could switch it on, don't think this global warming has reached us yet.

Glad you liked the card; I just finished thanking you for yours.

I have a feeling that the stove is not connected to the gas line anymore; although, you never know....

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