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(no subject)

Why in the world is my old HIgh School song (Van Buren High, our days with you.....) that we sang at every assembly circa 1958-61 still stored in my memory, word for word, when I haven't had occasion to sing it in 49 years? What's up with that?

I had my high tea at the Arboretum today and a nice time it was. The old mansion (built as a "summer cottage" by one of Long Islands' pre-income tax millionaires) was decorated beautifully for Christmas, with numerous trees and the dining room, morning room and kitchen, as well as the entry hall, set with dishes and silver and crystal for guests of yesteryear.

We had marvelous tea sandwiches (6 kinds), scones with jam and clotted cream, 5 kinds of desserts and 20+ flavored teas to choose from. It was cold, because it's hard to heat an old house that was meant only for Summer habitation, with fireplaces for those chilly nights. But the atmosphere and the food make up for it.

I took myself to the Disney store in the local mall and added one more Jiminy Cricket to my collection, making a grand total now of 12. Here's my latest accquisition.....

It says "Official Conscience" on his badge.

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Our 2-foot (The one with no fur on the top of his head) can remember songs he learned 40+ years ago but struggles to learn new ones.

Have you seen the Swarowski Disney figures? http://www.davidshuttle.com/products/swarovski_crystal/474/disney/481/ Our 2-foots have Thumper.

The memory's a weird thing, isn't it?

I think I have seen some of the Swarowskis somewhere, but what attracts me is the original colors of Jiminy. I don't collect any other Disney characters, just Jiminy. He's always been my favorite.

Liking the sound of that tea Auntie!

It was SO delicious. I think you would have loved all the sandwiches and the scones are heavenly! The desserts are not bad either!

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