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(no subject)

Amidst torrential rain yesterday, Ken and I went to see a production of "The Nutcracker Suite" being performed in a theatre in a neighboring town.  It was my Christmas gift from Ken to me.

There were many, many children in attendance, some of a very young age and I thought we were in for a noisy time, but everyone was spellbound by the music and the dancing.

This was the first time in his 69+ years that Ken had seen a ballet performance and he stood up to it very well. I treated him to dinner afterwards as a reward. It was a most enjoyable evening.

The hawk that hunts my birds at the feeders often drives them caroming off my windows. I guess only the fact that birds are feathers and air keeps them from breaking the windows or breaking their necks. I've yet to find a body under the windows. But they do leave an impression sometimes......

I think this one was a mourning dove. Weird, no?

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What a marvelous Christmas gift! I love The Nutcracker! Every year I get a new one for my collection... maybe not this year though. Love you r posts!

Hugs, Hare

For some years now, we've not given each other presents, but taken each somewhere that each one of us wants to go or do. Got enough stuff, thanks.

My big collection, though, is Santas. I have somewhere over 100, I think. I just got a Santa snow globe from my neighbor's daughter, for helping out her mother. Some day, all the Santas will go to our second daughter-in-law, who loves all things Christmas.

Glad you're enjoying my journal. I have fun doing it. Sometimes it's a challange to come up with pics, but that's part of the fun. ^_^

Doves apparently are naturally very dusty!

They do leave a good impression!

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