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(no subject)
Downy WoodpeckerSparrows sheltering from the rain

This one (I think it's Red-Tailed Hawk) doesn't come to eat the seed, but to eat the other birds, if he can. All Nature's creatures must eat. 

I'm stil attracting a lot of birds; I'm the only person around here who puts out seed.

We went to see Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul last night. It was their annual Christmas show at our local concert hall. She is a violinist; but saying she's a violinist is like saying Niagara Falls is a waterfall.

She's ebulliant, joyous, fantastic, raucous, energetic, unbelievably talented. She travels with Immigrant Soul, who are a guitarist, bass guitarist, keyboardist and button accordianist and a drummer/singer who's outrageous.

She takes Christmas songs from all around the world and twists them in a Celtic way. The audience is clapping along  most of the night. And we get to sing along.

She comes complete with a quartet of Irish step dancers from a local school who come onstage periodiacally to great applause.

It was the most fun-filled 2 hours I've spent in a long time. Can't wait till next year. Buon Noel!