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(no subject)

I bought some pink poinsettias for our holiday table; I like them much better than the traditional red ones or the white ones.

I don't attempt to keep them after Christmas; the few times I've tried, they got very leggy and looked awful.

These are my two African Violets; the purple and white one was given to me by Auntie Sue some years ago. The all-purple one actually belonged to Auntie Sue. I rescued it; Buncle Andy will be the first to admit that he is no gardener. The violets are having their best blooming year ever this Winter. When we travel, I entrust them to Buncle Dan and Auntie Patty. They give them love, water and sun.

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Not for eating; no,no,no. They're my pretties. Besides, I think poinsettias are poisonous to eat. Not sure about the violets.

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