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(no subject)

It's cold and windy outside, but the outside lights are up, so that's okay.

Today, we've been doing some indoor decorating. Here are some of my most favorite decorations. The tree, with just its' lightsMy Hallmark tree with its' tiny decorations and my incense Santa; the smoke comes out of his coffee pot and his cupMy German Christmas windmill; light the candles and the heat turns the paddles which turn the inside sections.

I've had all these things a long time; the only thing I've had longer is my Santa on skis, who comes from my childhood.

I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit. We are expecting a little snow flurries tomorrow.  Nine years ago, we actually had a white Christmas, fairly rare in these parts.

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I'm barred from Chris-Moose shopping this year... *sob*

I feel another of my depressions coming on..... *sniffle*... (that should werk, along with pleading looks towards mummy...)

It's not the gifts you buy, it's the love you give them with. How about some arts and crafts? Or, were these to be gifts for you?

Gifts for me, Auntie, because I deserve them, but also for my friends and family in Burrow Court - and maybe even a prezzie for you!

Niece Maddie-Bun XXX

Well, then, if it's for you and your family, you simply must get control of some gold coins or plastic rectangles. Me.....I don't need a thing. Thanks, though, for the thought. ^_^

your German Christmas windmill is bunderfull .
Mum looked after a german christmas windmill last year,we were in Alsace near the German border for visiting chris-moose market it was magic ! Dad and Mum get back their kids expression ,there were a light in their eyes ! probably one of their famous time of their life ! they are so cute ,isn't it.


They are fun. I have seen some on display in malls which were 20 feet tall! I get a lot of pleasure out of mine.

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