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(no subject)

Well, it's gotten colder here. Nothing compared to what the French and English buns are experiencing, though. It's still late Fall here, with blue skies and bare trees.

To cheer up the frozen buns in Europe, I send you a small rainbow which lives in my living room, to reming you that warmer weather will come.

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Pah! I want warmer weather now. I want to go out onto my patty-o with Una, enjoy long days in the sunshine nibbling lush green grass and doze in the sun, but what do I get - freezing fog, ice, snow and temperatures down to -12. And today it's raining.

Grumpy Niece Maddie xxx

PS Come and cheer me up...

I would come if I could, but the holiday season is full of holiday plans. Have you ever considered a nice Carribean vacation?

Go on line; don't delay; book a lovely cruise to some warm island where you can bask in the sun. Don't forget your sunglasses.

Takes the rainbow and pastes it over the window.. I was not ready for snow yet..... Sigh

We've only had teeny-tiny bits of snow so far. Maybe you could enlarge the rainbow and fill up one whole window or wall.

Pretty, Mum has crystals hung in the trees in the garden that twinkle and give mini rainbows when the light right. Can honestly say we have had no sun to make them twinkle recently!

That sounds lovely; there's nothing prettier or rarer than a rainbow. I hope the sun comes out for you soon. ^_^

I've furgotten what the sun is, Auntie...

It's that big glowing thing in the sky, looking like one of the gold coins you use to go shopperating. Don't worry, it's still up there, even if you can't see it just now.

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