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(no subject)

It's a little colder today, but sunny. We actually got out of the house and went to the mall to walk around. It's quite pleasant being in the mall when you are not shopping. I can people-watch to my hearts' content.

Having seen the red-bellied Nuthatch the other day, I saw the white-bellied Nuthatch today. He and the red-bellied Woodpecker went back and forth to my feeder for a long time.I hope I get some more migrating species at the feeder.

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Mum said she saw only once a Nuthatch in our garden,along 20 years.
Mum and Dad make birds's counting in our garden.
They must stay 1 hour for observation and record all bird
that arise in our garden, this is use to make statistical population of
birds in France and other european countries.


People do that over here in large groups, once or twice a year. I myself have never done it officially, but I mark off all the birds I have seen in my National Geographic bird book. I have seen several hundreds by now. My very first recording was the Flicker, a large woodpecker, in our backyard. My most elusive one was the male Painted Bunting. It took 15 years of looking to see him. My most beautiful was probably the Scarlet Tanager. Birds are so lovely to watch. I keep my 2 feeders full so I can attract as many as possible.

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