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(no subject)

I hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day. Thanks to our daughter-in-law, Patty and our son Dan, who always host Thanksgiving, I ended up with 2 take-out plates of their delicious dinner, so Ken and I had Thanksgiving food after all, and I got to go and say "hi" to everyone. Then, today, Patty came by with the desserts! What a great couple!

The other day, I could not get online. An official-looking AOL window told me that my password was invalid and to reset it, all I had to do was supply them with.....GASP.... the last 4 digits of my Social Security # or......GASP......the last 4 digits of my credit card #. Is there anyone still out there who falls for this? I had to shut it down and re-boot to get rid of it.

I'm feeding a lot of birds these day, with cold weather coming in. Got a nice nuthatch and some chickadees on the feeder. the nuthatch thru the back porch screenthe nuthatch hoveringa chickadee leaving; love those wings!the nuthatch and a chickadee

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Fortunately I have a gentleman in Nigeria who has promised to send me a lot of money so I have let him have all my passwords to look after.

You should be wealthy in no time at all. May I have your passwords, please? Maybe your bank account #?

It wasn't an e-mail, it was something that actually popped up and wouldn't go away? I would make sure your anti-virus program is updated and have it do a scan of your computer.

No, it was a very official-looking fake. Oddly enough, my Norton program seems to have updated itself recently. I personally have nothing of import on the 'puter, just my fun stuff.

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