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(no subject)

We're sticking close to home these days, while my honey recovers. Spent all day yesterday until 5 pm at the hospital.

Result: removal of one kidney stone; some residual pain (obliterated by pain pills), some residual bleeding (almost stopped) and much tiredness (still there).

We will see the doc next week and hopefully get some guidelines to follow to avoid any more of these painful episodes. Tomorrow, we will spend Turkey Day at home, with some turkey breast and some cornbread. (Maybe some wine, also).

Here are a few late Fall pictures from my neighborhood.

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Beeg snuggles to Buncle DodgeCityKitty. Hope he feels better soon and have a lovely Thanksgiving, buntimes the unexpected ones can be the best.

Loving that last photo btw.

I gave him your good wishes and he sends his thanks. Our youngest son, who hosts Thanksgiving with his wife, is making us two take-away plates which I will pick up.

The beautiful sunset was taken from our living room window. Glad you liked it.

we send lots of good vibes to Buncle Ken.


He thanks you and I thank you. I'm glad you both (and Iroise) are feeling well right now.

Empathic sympathy to Buncle Ken. I hope he makes a quick recovery.

Thanks; he is feeling much better and will probably be himself again by next week. Buncle Ken sends thanks also.

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