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(no subject)

Most of the leaves have left the trees now, except for a few hardy red trees (whose real name I don't know). It's still nice in the sun, but the days are growing shorter and it is cool inside our burrow.

We make little fires in the wood stove to warm the air, but my nose is cold.

Now that all the flowers in my garden are all done for this year, I buy some at my local grocery store, so I can have a touch of the outdoors on our table.

My 2-foot is currently going through his 3rd bout with kidney stones, the first episode being 20 years ago and the 2nd 2 years ago. So we are house-bound, waiting for the pain to pass.  I suspect we will be at home for Turkey Day, instead of with our family at our son's house. It's hard to go anywhere when you are swacked on pain pills and drinking a gallon of water a day.

I've been researching on line and refining a diet to discourage any further episodes. When this one ends, I hope it will be the last one.  Hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving and that you spend it with people you love.

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When you celebrate Turkey day do you have belly dancers and pictures of Camel Ataturk?

Noooooo, but we do have lots full bellies and moving pictures on the telly of football players.

Kidney stones are not fun. I've had several (and still have) and I've never known a pain like renal colic.

It's not a good idea to drink too much when a stone is in a ureter - it can cause swelling back into the kidney. Penty of water once it's in the bladder though to help it reach daylight!

Hope it passes soon - literally!

After spending 4 1/2 hours yesterday in the E.R. and 5 hours there today, the offending stone will be removed tomorrow in the hospital, where Ken is sleeping tonight. This stone has been hanging around for 3 weeks and it's time it was gone. I have been in the E.R. at least once (sometimes multiple times) for every member of my family except me (I'm knocking on my wooden head as we speak) and let me tell you, it gets old. We will be spending Turkey Day peacefully at home with some homemade cornbread.

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