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(no subject)

This has been one of the most fabulous Falls I remember. The leaves are mostly still on the trees and the colors are incredible! Bronzes, golds, yellows, oranges, burnt oranges and eye-popping scarlets. I don't what Mom Nature did this year, but I hope she does it again. It's windy and warm and just outstanding! The red-bellied woodpecker enjoying my seeds.A bush on my neighbors' lawn, looking like something ablaze.

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Now I knew that you were a few hours behind us, but I hadn't realised that you were 2 month's behind us!

This seems to be another strange Winter shaping up. Usually, by now, the trees are all bare. Fall does not want to let go and I'm glad of it.

It was when you were talking about "September song". It's November here.

It's Nov here also, in fact, next Thurs is Turkey Day. I just don't know any songs that are about Nov.

Top 10 November Songs

1. November - Tom Waits

2. November Blue - The Avett Brothers

3. November Spawned A Monster - Morrissey

4. Mr. November - The National

5. November Has Come - Gorillaz

6. Gone Till November - Wyclef Jean

7. November Rain - Guns N' Roses

8. November (Makebeliever) - Carbon Leaf

9. November - Duncan Sheik

10. November Boogie - Sonny Boy Williamson

Re: Top 10 November Songs

The only one I recognize is "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses, although "November Spawned A Monster" sounds interesting.

Very different to ours - we just have freezing fog!

Just like Washington state, where my brother lives. While I do like fog once in a while (except when driving on mountain ridges), I am not a fan of the freezing part.

Beautiful! I LOVE the fall!

Yah, Fall is a great time, all colors and smoky smells. Wish we could still burn the leaves; they always smelled so great.

My flowering cherry tree has and is still amazing at the moment.

We are warmer than Cedric down here so only just finishing the autumn colour.

Now that we've had a very windy night with a hard rain, a lot of the leaves have fallen, but still, there are many with gorgeous colors left.

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