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(no subject)

This little aloe has a long history. Some decades ago, I bought a supermarket aloe, about the size of this guy. I put it on top of our t.v., where it would get the sunlight.

It prospered and grew, and as it got bigger and bigger, I repotted it. When it got too big for the largest pot I could find (about 3 feet in circumference), I divided it into 4 medium pots.

They all prospered and grew, so much so that I had to lean them against the wall so the pots wouldn't tip over. By now, the spears of the plants were easily 18 inches long and 2 inches wide.

I repotted them again. They grew again, threatening to outgrow their pots. So, I came up with a brilliant idea.

One Christmas, I divided them again and made up 4 pots, one for each of our boys and their wives for a Christmas gift. The only problem was, what I was left with now only fit into 5 pots!

Eventually, when I couldn't possibly get any bigger pots, I sacrificed the huge plants (now bigger than ever) on the compost pile. My t.v. was plant-free.

Then, last year, we invited our youngest son and his wife to dinner. Shortly after they left, they called us on their cell and told us to take a look in our mailbox. There was.......an aloe plant, one of my original plants' grandchildren! So now, I am the possesser of an aloe plant once again. But I am not going to pamper it this time; I'll make it stay small. And every now and then, I contrive to knock an arm off of it........

Isn't this how "Day of the Triffids" got started? *_*

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The legendary aloe plant!

And you know, the aloe you own is a piece of the geneology; keep it safe, repot and water every now and then. Otherwise, I'll have to give you a new one when mine starts expanding. ^_^

What a great plant tale!

Plants, like pets, are not owned by us; they are OUR masters. I once owned a philodendron that I could not do in, no matter how I tried!

Aloe, is it give flowers?
Last weekend a neighbour (woman) offered to Mum a" Dendrobium",this is a orchid .
Mum has set it on a hight place , for that we couldn't touch it, because she don't know if it is toxic for buns.
Mum finds it very pretty, but she does not know if she will manage to take care of it properly.


I've had aloes for many years and I've never had one flower for me, but I seem to recall someone telling theirs' flowered. My sister-in-law has them in her garden in Florida; I think hers flower. Maybe they need the tropical heat.

I think orchids might be toxic to animals; many plants are. All an orchid really needs is a warm, moist environment. Look up the care and feeding on line; I've never owned one, so I may be wrong. Give it lots of love; talk to it. ^_^

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