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(no subject)

We went to Atlantic City and we had a good time. Our room overlooked the ocean (seen through the casino buildings) and we enjoyed the food and the gaming. I actually came home with 112 more gold coins than I went with. (If only they were really gold).

We took one day and rode through North Beach and Margate, two lovely old communities with huge mansions of houses; back in the days when people with lots of money built summer homes in that area.

We went to see Lucy the Elephant, who was built in Margate in the 30's as a tourist attraction. She was not open, but when she is, one can climb up through her leg to a museum and come out on top in her howdah for a beautiful view of the area. We will go back in Dec or next year so we can tramp through her innards. A view of the lighthouse from the hallway on our 20th floor.LUCY the MARGATE ELEPHANT!Lucy sees all with her porthole eyes.The Margate water tower, honoring LucyShe has windows all over her, even one in her bum, which is called "The pane in her butt".Now you can speak that old saying "I have seen the elephant". ^_^

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Such interesting places!

There's so many things to see; so many places to go; not enough time!

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