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(no subject)

We're off to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the next 3 days, to do a little sight-seeing and put some of our hard-earned coins in the slots of the casinos. I leave you with two Autumn pics......a walk in a park near our home.........the burning bush in our backyard......

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Mum was seen behaving like a child kicking and swooshing through piles of leaves at the weekend.

Have a lovely time Auntie.

There's so much fun to be had kicking through the leaves and watching them fly!

we would like to ride in our buggy, in your beautiful forest trails.
good luck to the casinos, go back with many many coins of gold !


This park is called Gardiner Park; that walk leads all the way to the Great South Bay. I will try to win some golden coins.

Thanks! Any getaway is fun.

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