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(no subject)

Happy Birthday to FurryMob!  In honor of this special day, I give you two pictures of my street as it looks every Halloween.

If you hear of a toilet paper shortage in the U.S., this is the reason why.

HOPPY BURFDAY!!!!!!  (and mannnnnny morrrrrrrrre)

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Ooooh! Ugggh! Aaaah! Bleccch! Of course not (at least I hope not)!

Thank you. I'll hop along to your road tomorrow if I get the runs!!

Heee heee heee! But it rained today, so it's all a sodden mass on the street.

Lucky I didn't get the runs then!

It will take a few more really hard rains to wash the remains off of the tree branches. Now it doesn't look so festive. :-p

Glad I live on a quiet sidestreet!

Ah, but it looks festive (until it rains). Then....not so much.

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